Close-up of beige riding breeches from Samshield

For women, children and men


Good material, a comfortable fit with freedom of movement and high quality are essential for riding pants, especially for women's riding pants. You can choose between full or knee grip, and the choice of colors is almost limitless. You also have the choice between classic riding pants, riding leggings and jodhpurs. Riding pants for women offer the largest selection of different designs.

Riding breeches for women

The right riding pants are essential for every rider - whether beginner or professional.

  • should not wrinkle and should hug the figure
  • should not constrict or pinch
  • should offer good freedom of movement
  • according to taste, with regular waist or high-waist
  • Leg end is one to two finger widths above the ankle
  • Material should be breathable and moisture-wicking
  • Grip or synthetic leather should provide good grip in the saddle

What types of riding pants are there?

Classic riding breeches

  • mostly made of a cotton elastane material mix
  • Leg ends elastic or with Velcro
  • Belt loops, front pocket(s), button and zip closure
  • often with attached (fake) pockets at the back
  • with grip or synthetic leather trim
  • also available with stretchy denim material

riding Leggings

  • thin, elastic material similar to yoga pants
  • wide stretch waistband for firm >hold
  • elastic leg ends
  • usually small pocket on the thigh
  • only with grip

Softshell breeches / winter breeches

  • Upper material wind and water repellent
  • inside lined with fleece
  • as riding pants or riding leggings
  • with grip or synthetic leather trim


  • wide, flared cut
  • are worn over boots or riding boots
  • with elastic foot strap for better fit
  • Leather or synthetic leather seat insert that extends to the leg end

Are there differences between women's riding breeches, men's riding breeches and children's riding breeches?

Basically, the riding pants for women, men and children are the same in terms of materials.

The only differences are usually in the design of the riding pants. The selection of different models and designs is largest for women's riding pants. Men's riding pants tend to be plain and looser cut. Children's riding pants are often available in bright colors and with cute prints.

There are also special cuts for women's riding pants. There are high-waisted riding pants or riding pants with a normal waist height, as well as different leg lengths. Riding pants designed especially for curvy riders are also becoming more and more popular.