Brown horse with brown QHP FaySport Glitter bridle

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Bridles & noseband

We offer a huge selection so that you can find the right bridle or curb bit for your horse. Whether black, brown, with glitter, anatomical or bitless - you will find what you are looking for here. Discover the most popular brands such as Otto Schuhmacher, Schockemöhle Sports or QHP and Kavalkade.

Which bridle model suits me and my horse?

There is a large selection of different bridle models. Not only can you choose the color and design, the bridle itself also offers a number of options:

Hanoverian bridle:

  • Noseband sits low on the horse’s nose below the bit
  • was developed for horses that want to avoid rein aids by pushing the lower jaw sideways
  • Noseband is also a locking strap

English combined bridle:

  • Combination of English and Hanoverian noseband
  • Noseband is two fingers wide under the cheekbone
  • Curb strap is under the bit
  • most common bridle model

Swedish combined bridle:

  • similar to the English combined bridle
  • Noseband often better padded
  • has a pulley on the noseband

Mexican noseband:

  • allows plenty of breathing space
  • leather straps crossed on the nose bone
  • often used in show jumping

Anatomical bridles:

  • Sensitive areas on the horse’s head (nerve pathways, bones) are left out
  • Headpieces with plenty of ear room
  • must be adjusted very precisely

Bitless bridles:

  • e.g. Sidepull, Hackamore
  • only affects the nasal bone and neck
  • Opportunity for self-control: Do you ride with weight and leg aids without using the reins? Does your horse respond to these aids at all? Does it bend correctly and move over its back properly?
  • no bridle for the terrain, as insurance companies are often not liable in the event of accidents

What are nosebands?

Nosebands are part of the bridle. Nosebands include the noseband, the flash strap if present, and the two cheek pieces for attaching to the headpiece.

There are nosebands in all models as mentioned above.