More safety when riding


The breastplate, often in combination with a martingale fork, is mainly used in show jumping and cross-country riding. Correctly fastened, the breastplate prevents the saddle from slipping backwards. The breastplate is also used for young horses whose saddle position is not yet sufficiently extended.

What is the breastplate made of?

The breastplate consists of a ring that is placed loosely around the neck. A strap is attached to each side for fastening to the saddle. A wide strap runs between the front legs to the metal ring on the girth. Most breastplates are supplied with a martingale fork. The Ingrid Klimke breastplate has an additional neck ring. The breastplate is either made of leather, which is soft and robust. Or it is made of synthetic material, which is often in bright colors to improve the horse's visibility. The breastplate is also available with lambskin to protect contact points that could cause chafing.