Firm footing in the saddle

Stirrups & Straps

Stirrups are part of the basic equipment of every saddle. You can find the right accessories such as stirrup leathers, inserts or protectors in this category, as well as different types of stirrups to suit your needs.

Finding the right stirrup

The classic stirrup is made of silver stainless steell with black or white stirrup insert made of rubber or plastic. This type of stirrup is relatively heavy. This has the advantage that the rider can find the stirrup relatively quickly if he loses it while riding. Simple stirrups such as stainless steel stirrups are well suited for dressage because they are classically elegant.

Aluminium stirrups are significantly lighter than conventional stirrups. The slightly flexible material cushions the rider's weight well, for example when trotting, which is why aluminum stirrups are also suitable for riders with orthopedic problems.

Plastic stirrups is available in many different colors. Stirrups made of plastic are super light, but can also break under heavy loads. The advantage of plastic is its springy properties, which are very gentle on the joints.

When should you use safety stirrups?

Safety stirrups are particularly suitable for show jumpers and cross-country riders. The advantage of safety stirrups is that the rider can quickly free his foot. There are various systems:

Stirrups with swivel legs have a movable side that opens when pressure is applied in an emergency. This part can be easily snapped back into place after use.

Strap with rubber ring are the classic, less commonly used version of the safety stirrup. The rubber breaks under stress and the rider can quickly free his foot. The rubber ring can be purchased as an accessory and easily replaced.

Stirrups with joints are available with two or four joints. These fold away in an emergency so that the rider can pull the foot out of the stirrup more quickly. The stirrups must be attached on the correct side, which is why the stirrups are marked left and right. Another advantage of joint stirrups is that they automatically put the foot in a position with a low heel. The joint also allows the tread to be adjusted to the rider's springy foot movement, so that there is constant contact with the sole.

Stirrups with a cap is not often seen on show jumping or cross-country courses. The front cap is designed to prevent the foot from slipping, which can be particularly beneficial for beginners. This prevents the foot from getting caught.