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With an inhaler for horses, you can treat your horse's airways and bronchi preventively. A horse inhaler can also be used for acute or chronic respiratory diseases.

My horse is coughing - even a simple cough is not normal!

It is often dismissed as normal and not a big deal if the horse has to cough once, twice or more when trotting for the first time in the riding hall or on the riding arena. After all, many horses do this and it is not that dramatic. However, regular coughing, even if only at the beginning of a training session, is not normal. Rather, it should be seen as a sign that the horse is ill and that there is an increased risk of acute or, in the worst case, chronic respiratory disease. Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi, which is often caused by viruses and bacteria. This form of respiratory disease can be treated, whereas chronic bronchitis is untreatable and is usually preceded by an acute illness that was not treated or was treated incorrectly.

What is equine asthma?

Equine asthma is an umbrella term for respiratory diseases in horses. A distinction is made between Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO = severe equine asthma) and Inflammatory Airway Disease (IAD = mild to moderate equine asthma). Many horse owners are familiar with the terms COPD and COB still known. Mild to moderate equine asthma mainly affects younger horses and is the second most common cause of performance intolerance. According to studies, 80% of all horses are affected. The severe form of equine asthma (RAO) occurs more frequently in horses that are older than 10 years. Coughing is a sure sign of equine asthma, even if it occurs rarely.