Horse with rain cover on a pasture

Against rain & cold

Outdoor blankets

A good rain or outdoor blanket must be robust, durable, impregnated and waterproof! Rain blankets are available with and without filling.

Pasture blankets and outdoor blankets for horses

Pasture or outdoor blankets are available with different linings and tear resistance. It is also important that outdoor blankets are waterproof and durable, because they have to withstand a lot. Pasture blankets are available with linings from 0g to 450g. The right choice of lining always depends on the horse's sensitivity to cold. As a rule, our horses' comfortable temperature is between 5 and 15°C. Blankets with a padding of 0g are called summer or rain blankets. The range from 50g to 100g includes transitional blankets and all blankets with a lining of over 150g are intended for winter.

Horse blankets

Almost every outdoor blanket or pasture blanket is also suitable as a rain blanket. However, if the horse needs to be protected from rain in high temperatures, a rain blanket without filling or with just an inner fleece is a good option.