Horse with transport halter

Pasture, stable or transport

Halter for your horse

Halters are indispensable when you are dealing with horses. You can choose between nylon halters, halters with artificial or lambskin fur and leather halters. In addition to normal halters for leading and tying, there are also special halters for foals, safety halters and knotted halters.

Sheepskin or faux fur halter

Models with faux fur are ideal for horses with sensitive skin. Faux fur is a soft, artificial lambskin that is attached to the inside of the noseband and on the top. This protects your darling from chafing, even during wild games in the paddock. The fur can of course also be made of medical lambskin. The cheek pieces and the headpiece are often padded, as this is where most of the friction can occur.

There are special lambskin or faux fur halters for transport, where all parts are completely covered with faux fur or lambskin. These halters are also particularly suitable for sensitive horse heads, for example after shearing.

What other halters are there?

Leather halter

  • elegant look
  • somewhat more maintenance intensive
  • are often used as tournament halters or show halters

Halter for foals

  • significantly smaller than normal halters
  • made of leather, nylon or Perlon
  • often softly padded
  • adjustable in size

Knot halter

  • for ground work
  • Knot in the halter for targeted impact

Important! Horses must NOT be tied to the knotted halter.