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Therapeutic products for your horse

Whether it's tendon damage, muscle tension or simply prevention - therapeutic products can help your horse. In addition to cooling boots, which are designed to cool the tendons in the horse's leg after work, there are also products based on magnetic field therapy.

Therapeutic products can help your horse heal.

Whether it is tendon damage, muscle tension or simply for prevention - therapeutic products can help your horse. You have various products to choose from. In addition to cooling gaiters, which are designed to cool the tendons in the horse's leg after work, there are also therapy blankets for horses. These blankets are available as magnetic blankets or massage blankets, which are designed to relieve muscle tension. Magnetic field therapy also supports the metabolism, as the cells are stimulated. Massage blankets such as the Horseware Sportz-Vibe® ZX massage blankets made of mesh material help to warm up and relax the muscles before work. After training or in between, the vibration of the massage panel relieves tension in the horse's back and neck - pure wellness for horses. But pay attention to how your horse reacts to the various therapy products. Especially massage products such as the Ice Vibe gaiters or the massage blanket from Horseware You should slowly accustom your horse and observe the reaction closely.

Cooling boots - when should they be used?

Cooling gaiters are available in different versions for the cannon bone, ankle or carpal joint. They are most commonly used on the splint bone (cannon bone) to cool the tendons after an intensive workout. This prevents swelling and inflammation. You should always use cooling gaiters instead of a simple ice pack to prevent the leg from getting too cold. The advantage of Horseware Ice Vibe cooling boots are located in the vibration panels, which can be inserted into the side of the boots. This vibration ensures a constant flow of blood, so if used correctly, hypothermia does not occur. The boots can also be used without cooling pads to warm up the horse's legs before training. The LeMieux ProIce Freeze Therapy cooling boots do not have a massage function, but a special fabric in the boots prevents hypothermia of the tendons. The unique hypo-freeze gel stays soft and contours the lower extremities to ensure maximum surface contact with tendons and joints. Cooling boots are also used for tendon damage when the leg is still warm. By reducing the heat, you can reduce inflammation in the tendon and thus promote regeneration.

Magnetic field therapy for horses - magnetic field blankets and magnetic field gaiters

Magnetic field products are intended to support healing processes in the horse's body in a natural way. Metal coils in the therapy blankets and gaiters generate a magnetic field using electrical voltage. Since blood circulation and metabolism function with electromagnetic charges and discharges, the artificially generated magnetic field is intended to support and strengthen this process. This can have the following advantages: Pain and swelling are reduced

  • blood circulation is supported
  • the removal of toxins is accelerated
  • the healing process is accelerated
  • Muscles and vision are prepared for exertion - well before intensive training

A gaiter that offers therapeutic support is the Magnetik Stable Boot from Veredus. This consists of a breathable HCL foam (AEROX) and a Dry Fast inner lining, which can be replaced. This stable boot with magnetic therapy is intended to reduce swelling after exertion.