Hand with silver spray being sprayed on horse

First aid for horses

Stall pharmacy

The stable first aid kit should always be filled with basic products such as wound dressings, disinfectant, silver or blue spray and a thermometer so that you can provide immediate first aid for small wounds. For two-legged friends, you should also have plasters on hand.

Zinc oxide, silver spray or blue spray help your horse with small wounds

You should always have zinc oxide spray and silver or blue spray in the stable pharmacy. You can use these to cover scratches and small wounds and protect them from wound secretions, sweat, urine, water and other harmful influences. The area should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. The dragon's blood film plaster from EffolThis also covers small wounds thoroughly and promotes healing. If your horse doesn't like being sprayed, there is also a silver ointment for wound care from Leovet.

For swelling, e.g. on the horse's leg: cooling gel provides quick relief

Cooling gel helps quickly if your horse's legs are very warm or swollen after work. The Leovet Celsius cooling gel can also be applied to damp fur. Cooling the legs promotes the regeneration of stressed ligaments and tendons. These cooling gels can also be used in the case of tendon damage or other inflammations. If your horse has a serious injury that is the reason for the swelling, discuss the use of a cooling gel with your vet first.

Minor injuries heal faster with a wound gel or wound ointment

Insect bites, abscesses, eczema, mud fever or small bite wounds - such small injuries can be easily treated yourself. Many manufacturers offer antibacterial ointments and gels that promote wound healing and protect the wound. The Hautrepair Skinbalm from Effol, Carr Day Martin Wound Cream or Leovets Proprolis Gel are particularly popular. They all support the natural healing process for small wounds, scratches and abrasions.