Putting Ice Vibe gaiters on horse’s leg

Cooling & Regenerating

Horseware Ice Vibe

Horseware Ice-Vibe products are very versatile. Before work, the gaiters warm up the tendons, and after work, the tendons are cooled down. During rehabilitation, the cooling gaiters can help with healing. Ice-Vibe products are available for the metatarsal joint, the ankle joint and as gaiters.

Ice Vibe cooling gaiters

The cooling packs are marked with left and right. Also pay attention to the designation for the top. Place the cooling packs before use for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator or freezer. The cool packs can also be warmed up in warm water. Please do not put in the microwave!

The 3 vibration settings

The gaiters have three different settings. You turn on the gaiters by long pressing the "ON" button. With each further press you switch up one level.

Level 1: To get the horse's leg used to the vibration. Use this setting once a day for the first week. The vibration panel switches off automatically after 10 minutes.

Level 2: For everyday use. Switches off automatically after 20 minutes.

Level 3: For very stocky horses or for the hind legs. Switches off automatically after 20 minutes.

Start with Level 1 for the first few days to allow your horse's leg to get used to the boot and to ensure that the leg does not swell during use. If the leg swells after use, your horse may have a fracture or infection. The gaiter must NOT be used for breaks or infections. Do not use the gaiter if your horse has screws or plates in the legs. Always apply the gaiters with the cool packs for swellings or bruises. If you are unsure, consult your veterinarian before use and clarify the use with him.


Questions regarding Horseware Ice Vibe

How many times can I use the cooling boots on the same day?

Without the ice packs you can use the gaiters up to twice a day. With the ice packs up to three times a day.

Can the horse with the Ice Vibe gaiters go to the paddock / meadow?

Since the Ice Vibe gaiters are made of a solid material, your horse can also wear them on the paddock or in the meadow. However, since the gaiters should generally not be worn for many hours, you must definitely remove them in between. Your horse must NOT be outside with it for a whole day.

How long does it take to load the vibration panels?

When the panels are completely discharged, the charging process takes about 4 hours. You can recognize the charge level by the color of the lamp. If they light up green, the panels are still charged.

How long must the cool packs be cooled before use?

Place the ice packs in the refrigerator or freezer for at least 2 hours. If you have stored the ice packs in the freezer, let them air for 5 to 10 minutes before using them. The ice packs should never be completely frozen and hard, but should feel like Sand or feel like snow in your hands. In winter, storing it in the fridge is sufficient, because your horse's legs are already cooled by the cold outside temperatures.

Can the cool packs be used warm and for what?

Heat the ice packs in warm water, not in the microwave! Hot packs are good for warming up legs before exercise or for older horses with arthritis to prevent stiffness. Make sure the packs are not too hot so your horse doesn't burn.

Why ICE VIBE gaiters and not simple ice packs?

When they cool, the tendons do not return to earlier temperatures as quickly as the muscles because they do not have the same blood flow or metabolism. Therefore, an inflammatory reaction can occur if the legs are very cold for a long time. The gaiters were developed to cool the tissue via the cool packs and slow blood flow to reduce inflammation. In combination with a massage, however, the blood flow is not completely restricted. In this way, the oxygen content of the tired and damaged tissue can be maintained and better recovery can be made possible.

Can I also use the Ice Vibe gaiters on a healthy leg?

Absolutely! By using them before working with your horse, you warm up the legs and the tendons become more supple through the massage. This prevents problems with the tendons. After work, you can cool the legs down again using the ice packs without the leg getting too cold, thus preventing swelling.