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Hoof grease, hoof oil & hoof brushes


Hoof care products improve the quality of the horn and keep your horse's hooves healthy and clean. You can clean the hooves with the appropriate hoof brushes and then care for them with oil, balm or fat.

How can hoof care with hoof oil, hoof ointment or hoof grease protect the horse's hoof?

The horse's hoof is constantly under stress because the horse spends most of its time standing or walking. In addition, the horse's hoof is exposed to very high temperatures, but also extremely cold and dry weather. This can cause the hoof horn to dry out and become brittle, cracked and fragile.

Regular care is important to prevent cracks in the horn and to keep the horse's hoof supple and elastic. In addition to visiting the farrier, hoof oil, hoof grease or hoof ointment can be applied to the coronary band and hoof wall. Hoof growth is supported by products from Bense & Eicke, Effol, Leovet and Co. with laurel oil, tea tree oil and olive oil. In addition, the ingredients are particularly nourishing and of plant origin.

Thrush in horses – recognize, treat correctly and prevent

Thrush is a bacterial hoof disease and is usually easy to recognize: if a dark fluid comes out of the frog, if cavities have formed in the frog or if a foul smell can be detected when the hoof is scraped out, then putrefactive bacteria have already spread in the horse's hoof. Thrush can be dangerous for the entire hoof mechanism, as the putrefactive process breaks down the hoof horn in the frog groove. The hoof wall and the sole of the hoof are then attacked.

If you notice thrush in your horse, you should react immediately and treat the affected horse's hoof. In addition to a large selection of hoof oil and hoof grease, we also offer care products for medical problems such as thrush.