Bense&Eike fly spray

Protection for your horse

Fly spray

Horseflies, mosquitoes, ticks and black flies are annoying pests that annoy your horse in the paddock, when riding or on the riding arena. With highly effective insect repellent you can counteract the constant shaking of the horse's head or the beating of the tail.

Your horse won’t let you spray it with insect repellent?

Many horses are unable to concentrate during training when mosquitoes, flies or horseflies are flying around. The itching of insect bites on the horse's body is very unpleasant. With a fly repellent, the pests can be kept away before they sting or bite. However, some horses experience great stress when sprayed or even when they see a spray bottle. Fortunately, there are now repellents that do not require a spray mist and are applied to the horse's body with a sponge. Even sensitive horses can be protected from horseflies, flies, mosquitoes and ticks with the BremsenSchock Gel from Bense & Eicke and the insect repellent Tam Tam Vet Intensiv from Leovet.