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For higher dressage

double bridles

The curb bridle, or simply called a double bridle, is used in advanced dressage. This bridle has one more cheek strap than the normal snaffle to attach the additional curb bit. A curb bridle never has a flash strap.

Double bridles are available in various designs: with varnish, with glitter piping, with a white lining or in classic black.

What is a curb bit used for?

One goal in dressage and in all equestrian sports is to have a subtle influence and almost invisible aids. A curb bit can help you ride highly demanding lessons with minimal influence.

It goes without saying that a curb bit is not suitable for a complete beginner rider, nor for a rider whose seat is not yet balanced, who cannot give the rein aids independently of the seat, or who has an unsteady hand.

A curb bit should also not be used on young and inexperienced horses.

Structure & effect of a curb bridle

In contrast to a bridle, a curb bridle is characterized by the following features:

  • Two cheekpieces - so that the bar bit can also be buckled in addition to the single or double jointed bit of the snaffle bit.
  • The cheek pieces are buckled into the upper tree and the curb reins into the lower tree of the bit.
  • A curb chain is also part of a double bridle and is hooked into the upper bar on the right and left.
  • The snaffle bit then lies in the horse's mouth behind the curb bit.

In competitive sport, tests from class L onwards are advertised with both a curb bit and a snaffle. In the higher classes M and S, the curb bit is often the prescribed bridle, although tests in the medium and difficult classes can increasingly be ridden with a snaffle. The rider is then given the choice of which bridle he would like to use.

In addition to the differences between a curb bridle and a snaffle, there are also similarities, which mostly concern the design and appearance. The curb models are available in either classic black or stylish brown. All pieces are made of high-quality leather and are very well made. Visually, the available curbs vary between flat and round stitched, are available in a patent look or with rhinestone-studded headbands. Well-known bridle and curb manufacturers are Schockemöhle Sports, Busse, Kavalkade or passer.

What is curb maturity?

A curb bit, used with a soft and flexible hand, can be a very good tool for developing a perfect posture and refining collected lessons. A curb bit should only be used when both partners - horse and rider - are ready for it.

A rider is ready to use the curb bit when he is able to influence his horse in all gaits with an independent and relaxed seat. A horse is ready to use the curb bit when it is balanced and has learned to stretch safely to the bit and to remain responsive during the lessons. There should also already be a certain basic willingness to collect.