A snaffle bit is used in conjunction with a curb bit. The difference to a normal bit is the thickness and the smaller side rings.

If you don't like a bit, please send it back to us clean and unused, provided it is a new bit and not a test bit. Please DO NOT put the new bit in the horse's mouth, as we can no longer sell goods with signs of use.

Pad bridle - what do you need it for?

Since the curb bit is only a support and should not be in use all the time, you also need the snaffle bit, which is mainly used for riding. If you were to use a normal loose ring snaffle instead of the snaffle bit, your horse would have a lot of metal in its mouth and probably not enough space. The snaffle bit is therefore much thinner and has smaller rings than a loose ring snaffle.

Single or double broken?

Of course, there is no general answer to this question. Observe your horse and its reactions to single or double-jointed bridles. Single-jointed bits exert a broad-area pressure on the tongue, whereas double-jointed bridles exert more pressure on the bars. So your horse decides which bit you should use.