Eggbutt dentures

Eggbut bits are characterized by a firm connection of the side rings with the bit. They are available as single-jointed, double-jointed and as a straight bit.

Worth knowing about olive head bits

Olive head bits are comparable in their effectiveness to loose ring bits, but the rein aids are transmitted more directly. The firm connection between the mouthpiece and ring means that the bit sits quietly in the horse's mouth. This bit also makes it easier to guide the horse laterally.

Olive head bits are not recommended for young horses when the horse is not yet used to a bit, or for riders with a stiff hand or beginners with unsteady hands, as the movement is transmitted directly to the tongue and is not cushioned. Olive head bits should generally be chosen 0,5 to 1 cm smaller than a ring snaffle so that the side parts fit loosely on the horse's mouth.