Stick bits

Bar bits exert even pressure on the entire tongue. In contrast to single or double jointed bits, less pressure is placed on the edges of the tongue. Bar bits should only be used by independent riders.

What are the characteristics of bar bits?

You should always choose a bit that fits your horse perfectly, because if the bit is too big, it can become jammed if you apply pressure on one side of the reins.

Bar bits are often used for very strong horses that, for example, resist the rider's aids when approaching an obstacle. A bar bit can also be beneficial for horses with tongue problems (sensitivity to pressure - tongue is pulled up or stretched out to the side).

Flexible plastic bar bits are particularly suitable for horses that occasionally get stuck and are often well accepted by horses that do not cope well with broken bits. A good alternative to the classic bar bit is the Max Control bit from Sprenger, which only acts like a normal broken dentition and becomes a rod under strong pressure.

However, it is always important to handle the bar bit sensitively. The rider should be able to ride the horse independently of the reins using weight and leg aids.