Martingale and martingale accessories

The martingale serves as an auxiliary rein to prevent the horse from throwing its head up. It also prevents the horse from tapping the reins if the rider loses them.

The sliding martingale

The sliding martingale is often used in cross-country riding or show jumping to prevent horses from throwing their heads up too high. The martingale should be fastened in such a way that the fork sags slightly when the reins are correctly positioned. If the horse then throws its head up, the fork bends the reins and the pressure of the reins continues to be on the bars.

When correctly fastened, the martingale is a horse-friendly auxiliary rein, as the horse is not forced into a shape and can stretch freely forward and down towards the hand. According to a study by the British Duchy College, the correctly fastened martingale significantly reduces the pressure on the reins and is therefore also suitable for beginners, as the auxiliary rein absorbs restless movements of the hands and correctly redirects them to the horse's mouth.