Horse with blue Kenucky cooler rug with fur collar in beige

Dries faster

Sweat blankets

Good sweat rugs are breathable, comfortable and support healthy sweating after work. They are mostly made of fleece, microfiber or other technical fabrics that make it easier to wick away moisture.

What is a sweat blanket?

Your horse is not clipped, or simply sweats a lot when working? Then you should use a suitable sweat rug so that your horse does not catch a cold in the cold weather.

Sweat and kidney rugs are usually made of fleece material. However, they are also available in cotton, dralon, nylon or microfiber. The material transports the moisture from the inside to the outside and dries the coat. You can see this on very cold days with very sweaty horses in the hall: the moisture settles like frost on the top of the rug while the coat dries underneath.

To protect the withers of sensitive horses from chafing, there are also sweat rugs with fur edges. These are also particularly stylish and very popular as competition rugs. Make sure your sweat rug fits well. Most sweat rugs for horses have a tail cord and cross surcingles for this purpose. The belly straps are often removable and can be individually adjusted. This means that the sweat rugs cannot slip.