Horse with fly sheet on pasture

Protection on the pasture

Fly blankets

The fly sheets or eczema blankets protect the entire horse’s body from insect bites.

Are fly sheets useful? We'll explain.

Fly blankets - Protection against insects in summer

The Fly blankets or even the Eczema blanketn protect the horse's entire body from insect bites. It is available as a full-body blanket or as a riding blanket. It is important that the fit is correct. They must not be too big and not too small in order to avoid chafing as much as possible.

Fly rugs are mostly made of mesh fabric and are completely breathable and permeable to air, so no problem even at high temperatures. The special mesh look of the eczema blankets also protect against mosquitoes. They absorb sweat and reduce UV rays. In general, blankets in light colors are advisable for horses with eczema!

The zebra fly rug, what is it?

The special pattern of fly rugs in the zebra look confuses flying insects. This means they cannot land on the horse and are effectively kept away from the horse. Many rugs for horses with eczema have a zebra pattern and also have a neck part that reaches up to the ears. This also protects the neck and keeps the mane intact.