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Equistro Brand side

Equistro Supplementary feed for horses

Equistro has been offering high-quality supplementary feed and care products for horses for over 30 years. The supplementary feeds support and improve the health of your horse. Equistro is a brand of the international veterinary pharmaceutical family company Vetoquinol.

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Equistro bioefficiency concept

With over 75 years of experience, the parent company Vetoquinol understands the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the horse and how these can be positively influenced with a careful selection of ingredients. Therefore included Equistro Products only high-quality ingredients with a high biological value. The various formulations have an optimal nutrient content. Thus, the specific nutritional needs of horses can be supported.

The recipes were developed with the help of leading scientists and produced in the most modern production facilities in Europe. In addition, all feed is administered with feed or water if possible. For this purpose, studies were carried out to identify the taste preferences of horses and to implement them in the feed. This approach leads to a high acceptance of the feed additives.

Equistro Anti-Doping Rules

The current competition rules state that the horse may not be given any substances that have a positive influence on the natural performance of the horse. Equistro has committed to full transparency on the label with the Clean Sport program. In this way, riders can decide whether they want to feed the supplement before a competition or not. Even with care products such as pastes or ointments, the list of ingredients should first be studied to avoid unintentional doping.

How does Vetoquinol work? Equistro Excell E?

The supplementary feed Excell E is intended to support muscle function and counteract tension. It also contains a bioavailable complex of vitamin E, organic selenium, magnesium and L-lysine. Equiatsro Excell E is particularly indicated for horses with increased muscular exertion or horses that tend to be tense. Lysine is an amino acid that directly supports muscle formation in sport and leisure horses, foals, and yearlings. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and contributes to cell protection. With normal feeding, the horse usually does not take in enough vitamin E, which is why the diet can be well supported with Excell E. Selenium is also responsible for active cell protection and is a radical scavenger. In addition, selenium supports the metabolism of skeletal and cardiac muscles. Magnesium is cut out under high stress and should therefore be fed in sufficient quantities afterwards. A lack of magnesium is reflected in loss of appetite, nervousness and tension. Equistro Excell E supports your horse and compensates for deficiencies caused by high levels of sporting activity.

Which products support the muscle function of your horse?

Equistro offers other products to support muscle function. Equisto Triforce is a powder that can be added to the feed as a daily ration. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and amino acids that support muscle function. Especially horses that are stressed by regular training and competition should be supported with vitamins E and C, selenium and lysine, as well as DL-methionine to ensure high muscular vitality.

Equstri Myo Power also supports muscle performance and muscle building. Myo Power consists of readily available, natural proteins from milk and potatoes in combination with the amino acid leucine. The supplement feed provides 18 different amino acids. Myo Power is mainly used in young sport horses to develop healthy muscles and stamina, as well as in horses for muscle development.

What is Equistro Percutin Paste and how often is it used?

Percutin Paste consists of clay, arnica, menthol, isopropanol and chamomile extract. A large part of the ingredients has a cooling effect due to the evaporation effect. Therefore, the paste is used for strained ligaments and tendons. If you've ever seen a horse with a "mud pack" of some sort on its leg, it's most likely Percutin Paste to minimize swelling and aid healing. The leg is not bandaged to allow the evaporation effect to take place. The dried paste falls off by itself, but it can also be brushed off or washed off. you can Equistro Use Percutin Paste as often as you like, even over a long period of time, without causing skin irritation or damage to the coat. Before use, you should stir the paste well.

What products offers Equistro to support your horse?

In addition to products for muscle building and regeneration Equistro also supplemental feed to support the respiratory system and to balance nutrient coverage. Equistro Secreta pro Max and Sekrosan Liquid support the function of the respiratory tract and the bronchial system with energy-rich herbal mixtures. This is particularly useful for horses with mild respiratory diseases. Horses standing in dusty environments can also use respiratory support. If your horse tends to get a cold, you can also support it with these remedies. Discuss the use with your vet beforehand.

If your horse sweats a lot due to hot weather or training, you should support it with electrolytes. These are flushed out through heavy sweating. To support the recovery phase, you can Equistro Feed Elytaan or the Energy Booster. You can use these for adult horses as well as foals and ponies. Both products are rich in electrolytes and highly available trace elements, B vitamins and essential amino acids.

For general support, you can feed Equisto Mega Base. This mineral feed for horses supports the nutrient coverage through highly available orange-bound trace elements, probiotics as well as calcium and phosphorus. This mineral feed is particularly suitable for horses with a grain-rich feed ration.

Does the use of complementary feed make sense?

There can be different greens why the horse needs support. Be it after special exertion or a long illness with a resting phase. If you cannot meet your horse's vitamin or mineral requirements with regular feeding, you should use nutritional feed if necessary. Brittle hooves, dull fur, nervousness or a stiff gait can indicate a deficiency. Before feeding, however, you should first consult your vet and / or a feeding expert in order to rule out diseases or allergies. In addition, it takes time until the success of the supplementary feeding becomes visible. Most of the complementary feeds are therefore fed either permanently or as a cure. However, always follow the feeding recommendations and the corresponding instructions on the packaging. Since some types of food in combination with other agents can lead to side effects or reduce the effect, you should clarify this carefully beforehand.