Warm & stylish

Kentucky Horsewear stable Rugs

Kentucky stable blankets are available in many different versions with fillings from 0g to 400g. In addition, the Belgian company also offers under blankets that effectively protect your horse from the cold.

Box & Transport

Stable blankets: warm even in the box

The thick stable blankets and under blankets are available from 0g to 400g and in different looks and price ranges. The well-known tournament blanket falls into this category and impresses with its 160g filling, elegant quilted pattern and cuddly faux fur on the collar. The particularly soft, artificial rabbit fur on the inside provides a silky sheen and is particularly warm.

In addition to the quilted stable blanket, there is also the Classic stable blanket, which is a long-lasting purchase with its cross-stitching and 900D ripstop material. This fabric repels shavings and straw particularly well and is very easy to brush off. The Classic stable blanket can be combined with another underblanket as well as the outdoor blankets.

The Skin Friendly underblanket is ideal for particularly sensitive or clipped horses. The artificial rabbit fur is very warm and is particularly pleasant on the skin. In addition, the fiberfill filling does not absorb any odors.

Would you like something a little more plush? The fake fur blanket looks particularly stylish and is as warm as a 400g horse blanket. The material is both insulating and breathable, so the horse blanket can also be used as a transport blanket on particularly cold days. It may look high-maintenance, but the short hair means that straw and shavings do not stick to the fabric.