Horse with Kentucky transport halter sniffs a dog with Kentucky dog ​​coat

Safety & Style

Kentucky halter

The halter of Kentucky Horsewear are made of nylon or synthetic leather and are therefore 100% animal-friendly. The artificial sheepskin that Kentucky uses is extremely soft and light. This makes halters with synthetic sheepskin ideal for longer transports to training or horse shows.

Kentucky Horsewear Halter models

Transport halter:

  • very strong nylon
  • completely lined with very soft, extremely light imitation sheepskin
  • ideal for long journeys due to high comfort

Nylon sheepskin halter:

  • very strong nylon
  • Faux fur on the nose bridge, cheek pieces and neck
  • for everyday use

Anatomical leather halter:

  • made of artificial leather
  • does not absorb water, does not crack
  • dirt-repellent, easy-care
  • anatomical headpiece ensures a better fit
  • The Kentucky emblem on the side can be turned over to have it engraved

Braided nylon halter:

  • Faux leather and gold fittings
  • the braided nylon allows you to adjust the halter steplessly
  • Machine washable at 30°C

Next to the Stable halter without throat strap and round noseband, the beautiful Glitter Stone Halter and the anatomical halter in suede look, there is also a Control halter and a leather halter with thick sheepskin. The Leather Halter Rope is suitable for horses with a lot of temperament due to the rope in the nose area. The buckles, snap hooks and emblems are in elegant gold.