Eskadron Glossy Wave saddle pads in every color on willow fence

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Eskadron offers a high-quality and beautiful variety of saddle pads in great designs. The Eskadron Saddle Cloth Big Square, Cotton, Heritage, Platinum and glossy are particularly popular. Lepona you will find the basics and latest collections and Eskadron Saddle pads in classic colors such as blue, black, white, gray, green, navy and brown.

What distinguishes the quality of Eskadron Saddle pads off?

The Eskadron Saddle pad is very popular because it has the following advantages:

  • The anatomical fit adapts perfectly to the horse's back
  • The thick padding provides additional protection for the horse’s back
  • The upper material is durable
  • The underside is breathable
  • The fabric on the inside absorbs moisture and wicks it away
  • Faux fur protects the withers

Which are the bestselling saddle pads from Eskadron?

Eskadron Velvet Saddle pad:

  • popular design
  • Velvet upper
  • FauxFur wither protection
  • Velvet Crystal additionally decorated with rhinestones

Eskadron Glossy saddle pad:

  • particularly noble
  • Upper material with soft shine
  • Silicone surfaces for better grip

Eskadron Big Square Saddle Pad:

  • with large quilting
  • Upper material cotton or glossy
  • FauxFur wither protection

Eskadron Cotton saddle pad:

  • available as basic or collection color
  • Cotton is particularly easy to care for
  • particularly good value for money

How to wash Eskadron Saddle pads?

Eskadron Saddle pads are easy to care for. However, you should always check the washing instructions before washing. As a rule, any outer material, be it glossy, cotton or velvet, can be washed on the gentle cycle of your washing machine.

However, you should not wash the saddle pads too often so that they remain particularly durable and retain their shape. Usually, an occasional brushing of the underside / inside helps to remove hair, dirt or sweat.

After washing, it is best to hang the saddle pad on a clothes rack or clothesline so that the saddle pad stays dimensionally stable and the fabric does not warp.