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Eskadron Halters are available in a huge range of colours and designs, plain or lined with faux fur or lambskin. In addition to collection halters, there are also safety halters or halters with stallion chains for young or restless horses. Lead ropes in matching colours are also available.

Eskadron Halter: High-quality workmanship

Adjustment options in the chin and side areas ensure a perfect fit. Horses' heads are particularly sensitive around the nose and neck. Chafing quickly develops there. Halters from Eskadron impress with their high-quality workmanship. They protect sensitive areas with soft padding.

The range extends from robust basic models to elegant halters with lambskin padding for particularly high wearing comfort.

Eskadron Halters for every requirement

Even the classic models made of tear-resistant webbing with a pin buckle have well-padded nose and neck areas. They have a glossy coating that gives them a classy look. Models with faux fur padding, i.e. imitation lambskin, look exclusive and are easy to care for. The padding on the nose, cheek and neck straps can be easily removed and cleaned thanks to the Velcro fasteners.

The most exclusive padding is provided by halters with skin-friendly lambskin. The natural material is particularly gentle and soft on the horse.

You can also find safety halters in the range of EskadronThe ring integrated in the headpiece stretches if too much force is applied. This model is suitable for pasture and horse walkers, for example. A Eskadron-Halter with integrated chain helps you to keep restless horses better under control. You can vary the effect of the chain depending on how the lead rope is attached.