Brown fly ears on horse head

Against hitting heads

Eskadron Fly ears

Eskadron Fly hoods or fly bonnets are available in many different colors and designs. In addition to the standard models, the fly hoods are also available in collection colors.

Eskadron Fly ears protect against insects

Eskadron Fly ears protect your horse from annoying flying insects. This can increase your horse's concentration during training or at a competition, as it will not be restlessly batting its head at the flies. Eskadron Fly hoods consist of a crocheted part and elastic ears. The fly hoods are available in horse and pony sizes and fit snugly around the head and ears.

The standard models of the Eskadron Fly hoods are available in many colors. Fly hoods in black, brown or navy are particularly popular. But also Eskadron Fly hoods in white are often bought to match the tournament saddle pad. Of course, the fly hoods for horses are always available in the current Eskadron Collections.